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There are a lot of No-KYC exchanges in the crypto space where investors can operate in incognito mode by revealing their personal details. No-KYC doesn’t mean that these exchanges don’t provide ample security. Their security measures are the same as regular trading platforms. But, a few No-KYC crypto exchanges may restrict deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking for a No-KYC crypto exchange, we have the list of the top three for you. Let’s begin.
PrimeXBT is a decentralized exchange that doesn’t require KYC and there are no trading restrictions on it. The exchange offers trading services such as leverage, forex, crypto, and stocks.
It provides access to several crypto trading pairs such as Litecoin, Ripple, ETH, EOS, and BTC. The majority of trading assets are based on Bitcoin, and you can trade them without any KYC verification.
PrimeXBT has a customizable user interface where you can add charts, order types, and indicators. These different monitors are perfect for both experienced and newbie traders. Furthermore, it also serves as a crypto scanner.
The trading commission charged by the platform is the same all through. This makes it highly convenient because the trading fees can be easily predicted. All you need is an email address for registration and you can manage the personal account information.
Key Highlights:
It is a No-KYC crypto exchange and supports more than ten crypto tokens. Paybis is a liquidity service as it doesn’t store cryptocurrencies. Investors can buy coins such as Binance Coin (BNB), USD Tether (USDT), and more without any KYC.
This decentralized exchange does require verification and on top of that, it supports fiat like the Euro and USD. It supports 9 languages and hence makes it easy for users from other countries.
Its user interface is super easy to use for both newbies and seasoned traders. It has no limits on trading. Moreover, Paybis only asks for an ID for a transaction. You can access other exchanges from Paybis. If you are connected to a cold wallet, it adds another layer to your invisibility.
Key Highlights:
ChangeNOW is a No-KYC crypto exchange that has a centralized Altcoin swapping service. It protects your interest as it doesn’t require any sort of verification. On top of that, you don’t even need an account to trade on ChangeNOW. You only need a hardware wallet as it is a custodian exchange that doesn’t hold investors’ funds and only works when you link your wallet.
The platform supports debit cards, which gives you an easy way to swap fiat with crypto. Also, there are crypto trading pairs for fast and easy crypto swaps. ChangeNOW doesn’t charge a lot of fees and the fixed rates don’t change and are set as per ChangeNOW.
Key Highlights:
KYC is a must for a lot of crypto exchanges because of the regulations and compliance laws present in the country they operate in. However, you can also use No-KYC crypto exchanges that don’t require any verification for crypto transactions. They might not have the largest crypto collection, but they don’t reveal the investor’s personal information.
Yes, you can buy crypto without KYC. Exchanges such as Paybis, ChangeNOW, and PrimeXBT allow their users to buy crypto without any verification. The sign-up process is easy, the fees are low, and payouts are instant. However, sometimes they restrict the withdrawals.
No, you cannot. If you want to have basic access to Binance, you have to complete your verification. Non-verified users can claim NFTs, explore their offerings, and claim Fan tokens, and Binance gift cards, but they cannot interact with Binance trading products without KYC under any circumstances.
UniSwap V3, PancakeSwap, and dyed exchange don’t require KYC. However, they might ask for some personal information when you withdraw funds from their platforms. This might be a deal breaker for a lot of traders.
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